LERN TV Live is a Platform for Live Streaming, content sharing and podcast.

You own your content. LERN TV Live prides itself on empowering creators, and we have no intention to take ownership of your content in any way. ... We believe strongly in creators' rights, and in no way does this license take away the ownership rights you have in your content.

We have some simple rules to keep it fun and to respect each other:

What's Allowed:

  • eSports ( Live Stream)
  • Live Interviews
  • Video Upload
  • YouTube Upload
  • Social media sharing

What's Not Allowed and if you break the rules:

  • Content that can hurt people
  • Porn or Sex-related content
  • Discrimination

The content and your accounts will be removed permanently.

Please check www.lernglobal.co.uk for privacy and cookies policy.